Amma Oracles

His Holiness has said many Oracles .His oracles are about Spiritualism,Nature,Medicine and World affairs etc.And he says Oracles for individuals too.Here I am publishing few of his Oracle,which are common to mankind.

“From birth to death man undergoes seven stages.In all seven stages man requires spirituality”

“If you give a pistol to a child it will shoot itself.Similarly,if you do not keep your mind in control it will destroy you.Only through meditation and spirituality you can control your mind”

‘In the forest, a tiger will attack a goat,that is worldly life.But in the spiritual world a goat can control a tiger”

‘Scientific power will not give lasting benefits to mankind.Only spirituality will give you lasting power.Spirituality has more power”

“you need to understand yourself.That is why you require spirituality”

“Only spirituality can control the growing confusion in the world”

“Nature causes growth,science causes destruction.With your own hand you destroy yourself”

“Going against nature would lead to disaster”

“While meditating your mind gets distracted.Dont lose heart. Set your mind free.First it will move with the pace of a horse then like that of a deer.Then it will get stabilized.
By meditating you develop the art of tolerence,good nature,self-control”


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